A4 Turin-Milan Highway

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Autostrada A4 TO-MI - Progettazione e Direzione Lavori - Strade e autostrade

A4 Turin-Milan Highway

SERVICES: Final and Execution Design - Safety Coordination


YEAR: 2004 - 2016

Modernization and enhancement of the Turin-Milan highway.

One of the most relevant activities carried out by SINA in the last decade is the contribution offered in terms of Design, Supervision of Works and Safety Coordination during Execution and Design on several lots of the large-scale project for the modernization of the A4 Turin-Milan highway, consisting in the widening of both sides of the highway roads between Turin and Boffalora and the construction of a fourth lane between Boffalora and Milan. Specifically, the activities involved various lots amounting to a total project amount of €1,159,000,000.

The services also included the crossing of the Ticino and Naviglio rivers in close proximity to the high-speed/high-capacity railway line, the construction of the new viaduct over the Sesia river, following the demolition of the existing one, and a crucial intervention on the Piedmont lot ‘1.4.1’ (12.8 km), emblematic also for the high level of safety on the sites (from the protective Jersey barriers to the rockfall containment nets, from the guardrails to the lifelines for stranded motorists).