Port of Civitavecchia


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Port of Civitavecchia

SERVICES: Preliminary and Final Design. Technical and functional upgrade of the Large Tanker and Energy Dock

CUSTOMER: Autorità Portuale di Civitavecchia

YEAR: 2014 - 2015

The preliminary and final project for the area of the Large Tanker and Energy Dock of the Port of Civitavecchia has been developed taking into account the needs of a port market in strong growth.

The plan is comprised of the relocation of the line of the quay towards the sea and a modification to the point of anchorage of the breakwater in order to guarantee two berths for ships up to 400 meters and a turning circle of about 650 m compatible with these carriers.

The intervention consisted in the overall reduction of the docked fronts that passed from a total length of about 2020 m to about 1710 m. The reduction in terms of number of berths and overall length has allowed the optimization and the possibility of mooring for new generation carriers, while for the oil sector a berth has been located on the breakwater for ships and barges.

The interventions for the intake and return works at the service of the Tirreno Power plant were optimized by bringing the intake to a shallower seabed and structuring the return within pipes that cross the dock keeping below the project depth of -18 m, with outlet outside the breakwater.