Port of Taranto


Porto di Taranto - Progettazione e Direzione Lavori - Porti

Port of Taranto

SERVICES: Taranto Port Platform - Design, Safety Coordination in the Design Phase and Environmental Impact Study

CUSTOMER: Autorità Portuale di Taranto

YEAR: 2009 - 2010

The Taranto Logistic Platform Project was part of the projects approved by CIPE and included in the three-year planning of the Taranto Port Authority as “Preliminary and final design of the maritime defense works and dredging involved in the new first phase of implementation of the European platform including the environmental impact study and the environmental impact assessment”.

The aim of the intervention was to provide the port of Taranto with a port infrastructure in line with the guidance of the General Transport Plan and the project concerned the improvement of structures, technology and service equipment within the Port of Taranto.

The final and execution design of the intervention has been developed for the following areas: logistics platform on the former RFI elevation area, widening of the IV protrusion, dock west of the IV protrusion and adaptation and strengthening of the “Strada dei Moli”.