Port of Trieste


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Port of Trieste

SERVICES: Preliminary design of the logistics platform to be built between Scalo Legnami and the former Italsider Area

CUSTOMER: Autorità Portuale di Trieste

YEAR: 2003

The Port Authority of Trieste had identified and implemented in the three-year operational plan the expansion of the port areas with a series of interventions, the most important of which was the project of the Logistic Platform between Scalo Legnami and the former Italsider area.

The project consisted in making a total area of about 250,000 square meters available for shipping, and approximately 150,000 meters were obtained from an area occupied by the sea, artificially straightening the existing coastline.

The planned infrastructure also provided for: the hanging quay of the whole area now occupied by the sea with depth greater than 2.5 m and its confinement for use as a “reclaimed land”, the infrastructure of new road and railway connections, the construction of a suitable system of surface and underground water disposal with related purification plants, the construction of suitable electrical, water and fire-safety systems, the construction of port warehouses and suitable quay cranes.