APMS® (Airport Pavement Mangement System)

APMS® is a specific software for the planned management of the maintenance of aircraft pavement infrastructure which, considering first the particular data related to the pavements and traffic conditions, calculates a range of possible maintenance strategies and, among these, identifies the most effective in the short and long term.

Main features and functionalities

  1. Integrated GIS with possibility of cartographic representation of data
  2. Archiving of all information regarding the pavement (type, stratigraphic components, thickness, mechanical characteristics)
  3. Archiving and historical logging of data originating from different sources (interventions carried out, type, contractor, tests in progress)
  4. Archiving and historical logging of data from periodic inspections, with automatic download of data acquired in the field using a hand-held device:
  5. Traffic data (critical aircraft type, movements, growth rate)
  6. Archiving and historical logging of data from surveys and related indexes (ACN/PCN, Friction Index, IRI, PCI, FOD)
    • Data analysis and PMS
    • Statistical Analysis of Pavement Condition Indicators;
    • Calculation of Homogeneous Sections, according to parameters set by the user, for each Status Indicator;
    • Definition of construction method;
    • Quantification of unit costs;
    • Decay curves setting;
    • Intervention calculation (according to FAA-AC 150/5320-6D);
    • Medium- and long-term scenario creation with cost analysis.
  7. Representations and export functions
    • Creation of graphs and reports for the analysis of the state of airport pavements and their maintenance;
    • Export of reports in “xps” or “pdf” format.

Some simulations relative to the functions listed above comprise

Viewing Status Indicators on Integrated GIS


Planimetric representation of the planned interventions

Statistical Analysis of Indicators (PCI, FI, FOD, IRI, etc.)


Output expenditure scenario and evolution of State indicators