Pavement Surveys

Pavement Surveys

Diagnostic examinations with specially equipped vehicles to verify the structural and functional conditions of the pavement.

  • GEORADAR GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)
  • F-HWD (Heavy Weight Deflectometer)
  • SCRIM (Sideway Coefficient Road Investigation Machine)
  • LRIS (Laser Road Imaging System) – ARAN (Automatic Road Analyzer)
  • PAVE-SCANNER (Laser Road Analyzer)

PAVE-SCANNER (Laser Road Analyzer)

The integrated system for automated pavement condition inspection and 3D laser mobile mapper. Pave-Scanner constitutes, to date, the most efficient high performance system for the evaluation of the surface deterioration conditions of the pavements and, at the same time, for the recording of assets distributed along the network and for the 3D digital mapping of the infrastructure.

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