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SINA is an engineering company working in the field of major infrastructure, specialised in designing, construction, management and upgrading works.


Study, design and management of new projects in the transport, telecommunications, roads and railways sectors and engineering for the maintenance of transport infrastructure.


SINA develops suitable design solutions to guarantee the SAFETY, FUNCTIONALITY and DURABILITY of the infrastructure.


Our company is equipped with a highly specialized technical structure capable of carrying out various activities with special dedicated software.

The sector includes the control and maintenance planning activities of large-scale transportation infrastructure.


Sina takes road safety seriously. Be in the driver’s seat of your safety! Choose responsible behavior.



We pursue the technical and managerial innovation of the transport systems, following the evolution of norms.


Rete Autostradale Brasiliana - Diagnostica - Strade e autostrade Brazilian Highway network Piazze di Milano - Diagnostica - Altro Squares of Milan Autodromo di Misano Adriatico - Diagnostica - Altro Misano Adriatic Circuit Tangenziale Est di Milano - Progettazione e Direzione Lavori - Strade e autostrade Milan East bypass road

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Over the years, SINA has been structured to monitor and manage various environmental factors, fine-tuning assessment criteria and methodologies that are integrated with the works planning stage right from the start, thus acquiring unique expertise in the field from a quantitative and qualitative perspective.


Team spirit, developing individual skills and a multi-disciplinary approach are our core values. Our success is built on our people, and their professional growth is a priority.
SINA is always looking for specialised personnel, whether experienced or newly graduated.