S.I.O.S.® Sistema ispezione opere d’arte

It is an application specifically designed to manage all the activities related to the inspection of infrastructure assets, deployable as a stand-alone program or as part of a server-client architecture.

The SIOS software is easy to use and allows the archiving of the historical and master data of the assets of the network, the archiving and separation of anomalies onto different levels according to their category of importance and urgency, and the management of the various types of inspection and scheduling.

The software also allows the calculation of the affected area of the anomalies, providing the Index Value according to a specific calculation algorithm. All the index values determined in this way are entered in a database which makes it possible to carry out groupings, averages, statistical incidences, maximum and minimum values, etc. Below are the main functions and characteristics of the product.

Main features and functionalities

  • Search, archive, and analyze historical data of network assets
  • Recording of anomaly surveys on structure drawings for each structural element (members, supports, joints, barriers)
  • Management of various types of inspections and schedules
  • Filing and recording of all information collected for each year on each structural element
  • Photographic archive of inspected items (reports)
  • Determination of an Index Value of the state of the asset
  • Inspection Log
  • Unions and delivery documents

Production system technical specifications and inspection data management

  • Creation and management of asset master data and attributes
  • Creation and management of the decomposition of each asset into elementary structural components with production of typical graphic diagrams and for each of these the reference defect diagram
  • Generation of the file of the asset to support the field inspection activities with – in the event of repeated inspection – highlighting the last state of degradation
  • Insertion of defects and degradations observed in situ with relevant historical logging
  • Insertion, consultation and evaluation of physical and mechanical tests performed on the artifacts
  • Calculation of structural degradation indexes for single structural element, for families of elements, for assets and for network sections or entire network
  • Inspection register management
  • Management of various types of inspections and schedules
  • Workflow management of inspection data production
  • Alphanumeric and graphical printouts and reports and data exports
  • Management of asset and inspection documents
  • Specialized module for urgent maintenance reports.
  • Computer management of data and cards of levels 0,1, 2 of Civil Protection Decree
  • Data analysis capabilities for maintenance scheduling purposes

The software provides special functions of system administration and user management with personalized access and with functionalities associated with the different technical profiles.