High-speed High-capacity Turin-Milan line


AV-AC Torino-Milano - Progettazione e Direzione Lavori - Ferrovie

High-speed High-capacity Turin-Milan line

SERVICES: Construction Management, Safety Coordination and Testing Assistance

CUSTOMER: Consorzio Alta Velocità Torino-Milano C.A.V.To.Mi

YEAR: 2004 - 2014

On behalf of the Turin-Milan High Speed Consortium (C.A.V.To.Mi), construction management and safety coordination activities were carried out for the civil and plant engineering works of the construction lot for the Turin-Novara section and the Novara-Milan section.

Specifically, the services included the supervision and control of the construction, accounting, testing assistance, verification of the conformity of the materials used with inspections at the production plants and, finally, the drafting and validation of As-Built projects.

The engineering activity described above involved the execution of civil works, both on and off the line, i.e. railway embankments, infrastructure assets, new roads and upgrading of existing road network, as well as buildings and water operations.

While, as regards the plant engineering responsibilities, the services carried out concerned the track equipment and the electrical traction system, signaling, telecommunications, lighting and motive power systems.