Misano Adriatic Circuit


Autodromo di Misano Adriatico - Diagnostica - Altro

Misano Adriatic Circuit

SERVICES: High-yield survey operation to evaluate the functional characteristics of the "Marco Simoncelli" racetrack pavements

CUSTOMER: Santa Monica S.p.A

YEAR: 2018 - 2019

The company Santa Monica S.p.A., owner of Misano World Circuit, carried out the survey activities of surface adhesion parameters through the use of SINA technologies. (Transverse Adhesion Coefficient), macro-texture sand patch testing (Height in Sand) and the survey of surface regularity characteristics (International Roughness Index) of the racetrack pavement. The S.C.R.I.M.-TEX (Sideway force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine and TEXture Meter) equipment was used to monitor the above parameters.

The survey was carried out at variable speed, according to the geometric characteristics of the track, with a sampling step of 10 meters and in relation to the right and left wheel paths on which the passage of vehicles is concentrated.

The results made it possible to check, in a quick and precise manner, the flatness of the paved surface and the regular adhesion conditions.