Naples airport


Aeroporto di Napoli, Sina 2022

Naples airport

SERVICES: Evaluation of pavement condition indicators

CUSTOMER: Gestione Servizi Aeroporto Capodichino S.p.A

YEAR: 2018

SINA conducted a deflectometric survey in 2018 on the Naples-Capodichino airport site on the load-bearing capacity of pavements, performed with HWD (Heavy Weight Deflectometer) tool, which is particularly significant also because of its extension.

In particular, the analysis, which was carried out by means of a survey with a step of about 50 m, concerned the RWY 06/24 runway, the Echo, Foxtrot and Hotel junctions, the TN and TS taxiways, the Mike junction, the aprons and a service road. The calculation of the elastic modules of the pavement was performed through the use of a specific application software that allows the modeling of the superstructure as an elastic and isotropic multilayer of semi-infinite thickness.

The survey thus made it possible to verify the actual load-bearing conditions of the pavements, by checking the ACN/PCN values defined by ICAO Annex 14, and to identify the areas to be subjected to structural upgrading interventions.