S.I.O.S. and Bridge Management


S.I.O.S. e Bridge Management - Diagnostica - Altro

S.I.O.S. and Bridge Management

SERVICES: Engineering - Infrastructure inspection and software

CUSTOMER: Società Autostradali Gruppo ASTM

YEAR: 2012 - in corso

Technical expertise and high technology at the service of infrastructure asset management are the basic elements of the Bridge Management System (BMS) developed and implemented by SINA. The continuous evolution of technologies has in fact changed the concept of maintenance from a series of repairs to a complex management system aimed at preventing deterioration of the works and upgrading them to comply with regulatory standards.

A significant response to the current maintenance needs expressed by the Managers is precisely the exclusive methodology, concerning inspection and control activities, developed by SINA and called SIOS (Sistema Ispettivo Opere Sina/Sina Asset Inspection System), whose purpose is to assess the conservation and safety of the structures and quantify the state of deterioration.

Recent national regulations requiring seismic vulnerability analyses of strategic structures have also necessitated the development of an additional specific methodology integrated into SIOS.