Rome, 24–25 May 2023 – 29th PIARC Italia National Conference

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Rome, 24–25 May 2023 – 29th PIARC Italia National Conference

SINA-ASTM Group will be present at the 29th Italian National Conference of PIARC (World Road Association).

The two-day event at the Sala del Tempio di Vibia Sabina e Adriano will welcome leading national and international experts in road engineering and policy, who will present the findings of operational studies performed by Technical Committees from 2020 to 2023.

SINA will be present for both days: the first, focused on the strategic topics 1 Road Administration and 2 Mobility, featuring Marco Garozzo (SINA CEO) Chairman of Technical Committee 1.4 – Climate Change and Resilience of the Road Network, and the second focused on strategic topics 3 Safety and Sustainability and 4 Resilient Infrastructure, which will involve presentation of the work of Technical Committee 3.1A – Policies and Programmes for Road Safety, led by Roberto Arditi (SINA Road Safety Director), and Technical Committee 4.2 – Bridges featuring Giuseppe Pasqualato (SINA Technical Director).

The first day will conclude with an invitation-only event at Associazione Civita, Piazza Venezia 11, at which Roberto Arditi will present the PIARC position paper on Road Safety and Vulnerable Users.

Those registered in provincial professional orders of engineers, architects and geologists will receive three training credits for participation for each day.

Additional information on the event can be found here